I couldn't possibly condone this!

After reading about IT@Cork’s recent legal tussle with O’Reilly’s over the use of the term Web 2.0 in our upcoming conference, Keith Bohanna has bought the domain Web2PointZeroConference.com!

He is auctioning it on Ebay with all proceeds to be donated to IT@Cork. The last time i checked the bidding was up to over €200! Woo! Let the bidding war begin!

Of course I couldn’t condone use of that domain for anything unethical – as Fr. Ted would say, “Down with that sort of thing!”

12 thoughts on “I couldn't possibly condone this!”

  1. Tom,

    All this scandal. Clearly you are a PR genius. Now I absolutely have to get to your conference! It seems to me that O Reilly and his friends have really messed this up while at the same time putting your conference on the map with massive free publicity.

    I’m in Dublin for the next few days and I’m trying to extend the time to make the conference and the bloggers dinner too. Time is a bit tight, but who would want to miss that now? I’ll let you know.

    And btw, if I can make it I’d be glad to pay for that dinner.

  2. Brilliant!

    The IT@Cork Web 2 point Zero Conference can be like the Fringe Conference. The conference where the ‘man on the street’ bloggers, web developers and the like go to. The VC’s and PR people are welcome to their $3,000 per person conference.

  3. What a great story – and yes, fabulous free publicity. I picked up the whole trademark story and your blog from an article on gigalaw.com (I’m an e-commerce blogging lawyer mom from Austin – and congrats on little Enrique!) Some folks are just their own worst enemy. Would’ve helped if they’d bothered to call an Irish trademark expert before firing off their nasty letter (d’oh!). And of course they should have assumed their letter would then be posted on the Internet, where it is now indelibly preserved for all eternity. I’m having conference (and cooler weather) envy – sounds like a great gig.

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