NetNewsWire updated to 2.1

Via Chris Messina, I see that my feed reader of choice, NetNewsWire, has been updated to v2.1.

I downloaded the new version this morning and although I was downloading the beta’s as they rolled out, 2.1 seems to be a huge step forward.

The biggest issue I had with the latest beta (2.1b37) was that it seemed to hog the processor when downloading feeds – this appears to have been addressed in the released version.

The biggest step forward with this version is the ability to synch feeds. I run NetNewsWire on my laptop and desktop machines – with the synching, I can read my feeds on either and the read status is synch’d on both machines – wohoo!

Good job NewsGator!

One thought on “NetNewsWire updated to 2.1”

  1. I’ll have to check that out later tonight, 2.0 was a right pig on the processor when it was updating too. Every time it would go look for updates the fans on my PM G5 would all kick into jet engine mode as they expected the load spike to be indicative of some long term heavy duty number crunching.

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