Hosting problems solved (hopefully!) – site moved

Due to issues with the server this site was on, my hoster agreed to move it to another server this morning. That move happened at around 11am GMT today.

Just now I noticed a comment which was made yesterday on one of my posts and which I was not notified of by my blog software (presumably due to my mail being on the same troublesome server) – hopefully I didn’t miss too many other comments.

If anyone left a comment or emailed me in the last two days and I haven’t responded, you have my sincerest apologies and please contact me again. Hopefully this move to the new server will resolve the problems this site has been having.

One thought on “Hosting problems solved (hopefully!) – site moved”

  1. You could always host your blog from a server in your spare bedroom like I do. But, I suppose you are at the mercy of your broadband provider then. And the ESB too come to think of it. On second thoughts, stick with where you are 🙂

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