Business uses of RSS event in IT@Cork

IT@Cork are running an event in the National Software Centre Atrium next monday evening on the Practical Business uses of RSS.

There will be speakers from Microsoft Ireland, the CSO and Nooked.

Microsoft’s speakers will be starting the event explaining how rss is set to become ubiquitious – what with it being built into the next versions of Office, Windows and Internet Explorer. Both Dave Northey and Rob Burke are set to speak from Microsoft.
The CSOs speaker, John Dunne, will be discussing the CSO’s usage of RSS to publish their extensive database of statistics and the cost savings to them this project brings and finally
Fergus Burns of Nooked will be demonstrating how simple it is to publish RSS.

Edited to add – this event is part 2 of a two part event series on rss – part 1, RSS for Non Techies was held last October.

[Disclaimer – I am involved in IT@Cork and specifically in the organisation of this event!]

10 thoughts on “Business uses of RSS event in IT@Cork”

  1. Should be a good event. I’ll definitely try to make it (traffic between ballincollig and mahon permitting).

  2. Tom will be the guy walking around with an Award thing glued to his hand. He will be asking the IT@Cork people to ensure that he will be addressed as Award Winner Tom Raftery and any questions on the night must begin with “All hail Award Winner Tom Raftery” even when asking other people questions and not him. He will graciously suggest that genuflecting is optional and not mandatory. He’s good like that.

  3. Looking forward to the event – and having a chance to chat with you all afterwards – very much. I’m currently at the Mix06 conference in the US, and had a chance to speak with some members of Microsoft’s RSS team yesterday. Very interesting stuff indeed and it will be great to hear the many perspectives on Monday night.

  4. @ Damien – ROTFL πŸ˜€

    @ Rob – I hope you have read Damien’s post and are up-to-speed on the required etiquette for the night πŸ˜‰

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