VOIP on mobiles – cheap mobile calls at last?

I have a voip landline phone setup – this means my landline calls cost next to nothing as they go over my always-on broadband Internet connection.

I still end up paying an arm and a leg for calls from my mobile though. That may soon be about to change, however.

The Irish Telecom News site is reporting that:

Hutchison Whampoas 3 networks are to sell handsets with Skype software built in, in the boldest step yet by a European mobile network operator to branch into potentially disruptive voice-over-IP technology. At the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday, Hutchisons 3G Europe managing director, Christian Salbaing, said a trial of the service in Sweden would likely result in a rollout in that country later this year.

Not only that, but at the same 3GSM congress in Barcelona Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft have developed a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) application that allows Office users to make free voice calls over wi-fi enabled phones running Windows Mobile software. The service is included in a mobile version of Microsoft Office Communicator due to be released this year.

Also Nokia has just unveiled its first mass-market wifi phone (the Nokia 6136) capable of:

Smooth and seamless transitions between GSM and WLAN network

And with Motorola, working on a similar handset and other manufacturers from the mobile industry and those on the periphery, such as Compaq and HP, working on pocket devices that will support VoIP and WiFi – how long until this disruptive technology finally puts downward pressure on the exorbitant prices the mobile operators have been charging us?

6 thoughts on “VOIP on mobiles – cheap mobile calls at last?”

  1. Ok, for cheap international calls from your mobile, I found this great service. It’s called Globe Dialer and it’s a Java program you download directly onto your mobile phone. What’s differnt about this (from the Skype thing) is that the call does not use data – which can (and I believe, will eventually be shut off by the carriers) Instead, this works like an electonic calling card where you are able to create an international phonebook. And best part, the carriers can’t do nothing about it! Check it out:

  2. Hey Did you here that there have already been VoIP calls made on the Apple iTouch…Not the Iphone the iTouch..Think about that for a second….Of course it is done with a hack, but I think it is a hack well worth it.

    By the way any advice on SIP compliant VoIP providers in Tucson AZ?


  3. Hello, I remember a hack read in some voip blog, its by using Icall’s number on jaxtr and then jaxtr will provide a US local number which can be used to make calls using Icall. It is a nice try… I think I found it in voipguides… I like the skype on mobile concept. It will make a revolution….

  4. how do you change over to a Voip service- I mean I have been looking into Voip — how do they charge you and is there a link to a service page with information on it ? please help me šŸ˜€

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