I was the top story in Memeorandum!

Yesterday the review I published on edgeio made it to the top of Memeorandum for a short time! In case you haven’t come across Memeorandum, it is a site which aggregates tech stories from around the blogosphere and ranks them according to factors such as how current the story is, the number of links to a post, and the importance of the posters/linkers.

Top of Memeorandum!

You just know yesterday was a slow news day!

8 thoughts on “I was the top story in Memeorandum!”

  1. tom, just curious but did your top ranking on memeorandum drive much traffic to your site? i’m unsure of the impact of services like this and digg, in terms of generating traffic?

  2. It did John – but i guess that depends on what you mean by “much”!

    My average Sunday traffic was almost doubled yesterday so, I’d say yes, it did drive quite a bit of traffic to the site.

  3. I remember seeing James make it there a while back, well done on surpassing that achievement Tom!

    Of course I can’t figure out for the life of me why people use memeorandum when Tailrank seems 100 times better to me!

  4. I must look into Tailrank a bit more Dave – it doesn’t drive significant traffic here while Memeorandum does – but that’s probably ‘cos i haven’t looked into Tailrank enough.

  5. James said pretty much the same that Memorandum drove far more traffic than Tailrank to his site. I guess it’s just because it was first. I just find it’s much nicer looking and also you can upload an OPML file of your subscriptions and it comes out with a nice list of the most popular stories from those blogs.

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