Yahoo! buying

I have been hearing a rumour on the grapevine that Yahoo! may be buying for between $30-$40 million. I’m not sure yet if this is more rumour-mongering – the same as the Riya-Google rumours of a few weeks ago or if there is something more behind this.

The Yahoo! – deal was announced today – cool, I was on the nail!

7 thoughts on “Yahoo! buying”

  1. Is there anything that Yahoo! can’t make boring?

    Every acquisition they’ve made recently has sucked the heat out of whatever technology they’ve bought, though admittedly they almost started an outright insurrection amongst their Flickr userbase. Which if anything was good for a laugh.

    It’s like Yahoo! are the IBM of web services, they have the technology but everything they touch instantly becomes dull.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of but I have visited many times and added a few links and tags just to see how it worked or if anything had changed. There is no way its worth that amount of money, but I guess its the few million users eyes that any potential buyer is after. Damn advertisers 🙁

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