Who would you like to hear podcast?

Ok, I have done a good few podcasts at this stage and I can honestly say I am really enjoying the interview type podcasts and the feedback to them has been overwhelmingly positive (of course, I realise that is far more to do with the interviewees than anything I bring to the table!).

This is a format I will be doing a lot more of and I already have another couple of interviewees lined up. However, before going too much further down this line, is there anyone you’d particularly like to hear interviewed? In all cases, when an interview is coming up, I will allow people to submit questions that I will subsequently put to the interviewee.

So, who would you like to hear interviewed and what would you like me to ask them?

15 thoughts on “Who would you like to hear podcast?”

  1. Absolutely Michele – but if someone asks for someone I don’t currently have access to, I can always put a question out there – “does anyone know how best to contact…?”

    Won’t always work, but no harm trying!

  2. True enough Michele, and similarly for the Pope, Khofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, etc. but then an IT-related podcast isn’t really something they’d have much relevant to contribute to, is it?

    I’m presuming the suggestions will be reasonably sane and on-topic.

  3. Nicolas Negroponte – founder of Wired, MIT Media Lab and now the $100 laptop project

    Some Irish tech/business people would be nice too!

  4. Tama – that’s an interesting suggestion, thanks, I’ll certainly look into getting Henry.

    Ed, wow! Now that’s thinking big, I like it. I’ll have to see if we can pull that one off.

  5. Found you looking for a sleep or rather wake up problem on MacG4 800 MhZ. Would like to hear your Interviews pls how to access. PodCasts are new to me, expecilly as their is little standard yet. BUT the new Yahoo beta site is great. Try it if you have not already . http://www.podcasts.yahoo.com
    Richard S/V PrimeFusion at Treadure Island SFo Ca.

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