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The Shel Israel interview went ahead last night, as planned. Shel was great, full of warm humour, interesting insights and relevant anecdotes. below are the questions I asked him and the times in the podcast they were asked:

Shel, what is it about Ireland that appeals to you? – 1:15

You guys wrote Naked Conversations right out there in the open – as you completed each chapter of the book, you published it online – what was it like writing a book as transparently as you guys did with Naked Conversations? – 2:30

Most people have read the book now online, will they buy it? – 5:50

If you were writing another book, would you do it online? – 6:30

Given that very few Irish companies have started blogging yet, why should a company have a blog? – 7:28

What are the advantages of blogging to a business? – 8:40

What advice would you give to business bloggers to help them become become successful – 11:50

Companies can be afraid of being open in their blogs (what if our competitors are reading the blog) and are afraid of what will be said in the comments – how do you deal with these fears? – 15:11

If I am a developer, how can I see what people are saying about my application/product? – 17:55

What do you see as the benefits of Podcasts/videocasts to businesses? – 23:30

How is a podcast/videocast of use to smaller companies (smaller than Microsoft!)? – 25:25

So blogs/podcasts/videocasts are about humanising companies? – 27:50

You have recently blogged that you are going to start writing about startups – what aspect of startups most interests you? – 32:30

What challenges do startups face today that they didn’t 25 years ago? – 34:30

Brian Greene’s question:
There are 40,000 blogs updates every hour of the day. How am I to read all that? seriously hasn’t blogging just added to the textual data smog that make it easier for government to bury the truth, making facts harder to come by? 37:30

You can listen to the podcast of this discussion here.

8 thoughts on “Shel Israel podcast”

  1. Very interesting and well conducted interview. As I am new to blogging it inspires me to further drive it into my business/privat world and share and utilise the knowledge our global community.

    Shels view on startups are positive and I share his feeling about the positive tendency towards startups in today’s business world.

    About “Government to bury the truth� I can see where he comes from but have never been to paranoide about the “conspiracy� aspect of information and technology, I’d rather embrace it.

    Tom thanks for being such a visionary. Funky music selection after the interview, so don’t turn of when you stay on your pc.

  2. Quick clarification – I discussed Roland’s comment (above) with him by Skype IM only to discover that the funky music he mentioned was from tracks already on his iPod!

    I was wondering ‘cos I knew I didn’t remember putting music on the podcast!

  3. New to iTunes and blogging – and embracing/confusing Tom for his great music collection – even though it was my archive playing in the background – we learn something new every day. It can only get better – maybe the music part is an interesting one to for the future?

  4. maybe the music part is an interesting one to for the future

    Music would be a great addition Roland – unfortunately, there are copyright implications to be considered there and monies to be paid to recording artists if their music is played!

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