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As I mentioned previously, I arranged to interview Robert Scoble last night and we agreed that the interview could be podcast as part of the PR for the IT@Cork annual conference at which Robert will be speaking.

I talked to Robert for nearly an hour last night (early this morning) – he was exceedingly generous with his time. The conversation was wide-ranging, we covered the business benefits of blogging, social software (Robert’s two main topics at the conference) Robert’s job description and even the Blarney Stone (and whether or not Robert needed to kiss it when he’s in Cork to be conferred with ‘the gift of the gab’!).

In my previous post I asked were there any questions you’d like me to ask Robert and I received some good ones. I put all the questions I received to him and he answered them all – even Hostyle’s:

(I bet he won’t go near this one) Do you agree with their [Microsoft’s] dirty tactics in the past and present of disposing of competitors ala Netscape, Real Media, and the latest SCO-secret-society they are funding to smear the name of Linux?

Thanks Robert for your time and the openness with which you answered the questions.

The podcast is available for download here (13mb mp3) and is well worth downloading – there is some great advice there. I am hosting it on my own server until I get server space from someone with lots of disk and bandwidth. Apologies for the mixed quality of the audio – some (most) of it is due to my inexperience recording phone conversations and some is the fact that Robert was on his mobile.

Updated with the address of the podcast – feedback welcomed!

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  2. I have used in the past Justin but i find them very unreliable. They have lost two mp3’s I uploaded!

    The last time I wanted to upload an mp3, I used and I went to directly – I had an url from in under 12 hours, days later I still had nothing from ourmedia.

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  4. Tom, that was fascinating. Thank you so much for this. What I really took away from this piece was when he said, “blogging is the world’s best relationship-building device I’ve ever found.” I concur. I “meet” so many fascinating and smart people this way (including yourself), and even sometimes get the privilege to meet them in person.

    And I enjoyed learning about his video blog where he pops into offices of Microsoft employees and talks with them about their ideas and projects. There must be some good stuff in there. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. Interesting stuff

    Tom – if the mp3 is wreaking havoc on your bandwidth let me know and I’ll give you some space for it.

  6. Darren – the video blog can be very interesting – it is a great way to get an insight into the faceless corporation that is microsoft. It does a tremendous job of humanising the company and it is far easier to get some concepts across (application UI, map flythroughs, etc) in a video.

    Michele, thanks – I’ll take the bandwidth discussion offline.

  7. How about a transcript? Podcasts are nonsense. What if I want to read your cast? What If Im deaf?

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  9. Tim,

    I have registered this site with PodZinger and it is supposed to create searchable transcripts fo podcasts.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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