Nano problem solved – leave it in the store window

Jim Dalrymple writing in macWorld, got a response from Apple about the iPod Nano screen scratching problem I mentioned here a couple of days ago.

On Apple’s own Discussions site – the number of posts complaining about the screen scratch problem was 583 when the Register checked, and when I had a look this morning, that number was up to 704!

What are Apple saying about this serious quality issue with one of their flagship products? Well according to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller:

We have received very few calls from customers reporting this problem – we do not think this is a widespread issue. If customers are concerned about scratching we suggest they use one of the many iPod nano cases to protect their iPod.

Sorry, what? Why not just tell people to leave it in the box? Or better yet – leave it in the store window.

I have a feeling that’s the decision more and more potential iPod customers will make.

The Discussion on Apple’s Discussion site about this problem has been closed (no new posts allowed after 704 posts) – several posters were complaining about posts having been deleted.

If you have a scratched iPod Nano, you can get rid of the scratches using Brasso!

9 thoughts on “Nano problem solved – leave it in the store window”

  1. Can’t believe they’re taking this stance. It’s obviously a big issue and imagine the amount of people who will buy em not knowing about this. It’s fine for earlier adopters like techies but joe-soap on the street probably won’t think of going to a web forum to complain

  2. Aww, quit your whining, you pencil-necked nancy boys. I carry my nano up a freakin ultility pole at 30 below. Hell I once threw it at a grizzly that was gnawing on my horse. It still played my Merle.

  3. ah come on, its the same with any other portable device, handphone screen, PDA screens come on….. people even my swatch watch scratchs… this absurb..

  4. JD, Pete,

    You guys obviously didn’t buy a Nano nor did you read the complaints on the forums – people’s Nanos were scratched by contact with people’s fingernails! My mobile phone travels everywhere with me in my pocket and my keys or coins haven’t scratched it, never mind fingernails.

    There is obviously a problem with the quality of the material used to make the Nanos – it needs to be fixed.

  5. I am amazed with the amount of comments regarding the nano in such a sort period of time. I actually work for OtterBox and we manufacture waterproof, rugged cases for technology such as iPods. Our newest case, the OtterBox for iPod nano will be released in December. In the meantime, we are definitely forwarding people to the brasso link (listed above) or a micro-screen as discussed at . Good luck to the nano owners!!! Help is on the way.

  6. It’s a non-issue. I have an iPod and the highly-polished exterior does scratch just like any very shiny device I’ve ever owned. You have three choices, buy a good cover for it (which is what I did), don’t worry about the scratches (and clean-em up with Brasso if they worry you!), or buy a Dell DJ and settle for less.

    The so-called broken screens issue was also not widespread. There was a short run of the Nano which had a defective screen and Apple is replacing these no-questions-asked, but this whining about surface scratches is just lemming-like whining on a subject the whiners would not have worried about before.

    Oh, and the prediction that people will “leave it in the store window”, yah, right. Another “Apple’s (whatever) is Dead” prognosticator bites the dust. I predict you will be found full of . . . Brasso.


  7. Leaving aside the ‘broken screens’ business (what *are* people doing with them?) a lot of people seem to be realising too late that shiny black surfaces scratch easily. So what?

    Apple afficienados are particularly prone to being vocal in complaining about each and every fault, whereas Dell, Creative etc. customers just take it as part of the ‘user experience’.

  8. hmmm, that’s rather funny – why don’t just buy cover for an iPod? If peaple are inaccurate, why should Apple solve their problems? May be i should call to Genius because my keyboard an mouse have several scratches?:)

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