Broadband in Rushbrook

I am moving into a new house in a couple of weeks in Rushbrook, Co. Cork and I need to get a broadband connection there (with a static ip preferably) and at least 2mb down.

I haven’t been following the state of Irish broadband providers for a while now since I got my own connection a couple of years back from UTV.

The house has an Eircom landline.

Anyone got any recommendations on a good (i.e. reliable) provider who won’t fleece me on cost?

I checked the Smart Telecom website and my new house doesn’t qualify for their offer, so it looks like the eircom broadband business starter offer is the one I will be going for – it is 2mb down /128kb up, 35 euro per month (ex vat) and 8.26 euro setup. It seems to be the cheapest of the 2mb options I could find.

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  1. Maybe I’m typing silly talk, but has anyone actually been able to get Smart Telecom yet? I keep hearing people harp on about it, and even more excuses that they are still in court with Eircom or “not in my area” (middle of Limerick city? er, hello!), yet I can’t find anyone who actually has a working connection or even a hint of one. Its sounding like … um … can’t recall the exact name – could have been Genesis – who promised 5MB+ broadband to all of ireland circa 2001/2 and went crashing down once they had to work with / against Eircom. Should be in the ILUG / IIU archives somewhere.

  2. Hostyle,
    I’ve been getting the same story from Smart . I’m in ballincollig. They were supposed to be in the ballincollig exchange in July/August, then it slipped to mid-to-late september. Now they’re saying Eircom are holding them up and it will be 2006 before they are in ballincollig. In the meantime I’ve just signed up with Esat/BT. Tom esat/bt should be cheaper than Eircom.


  3. Walter,

    you are correct Esat BT are marginally cheaper than Eircom but they don’t offer a static ip and I need that for some of the work I’m doing.



  4. Dave,

    nope – I need the static ip for access to a couple of remote servers I manage – access is restricted via ip and protocol.

    If I was hosting here, then Dynamic DNS might suit but not for my current scenario.

    Thanks anyway Dave.

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