News Corp to buy Technorati?

News Corp is the multi-billion dollar media company owned by Rupert Murdoch. News Corp’s full year operating income for year ended June 30th 2005, rose 22% to a record $3.6 billion according to their latest earnings release.

I see from a report on Jeremy Wagstaff’s site that News Corp – are interested in buying a search engine. Jeremy found an article on’s site which said:

News Corp., the fourth-largest media company, is in talks to buy a controlling interest in an Internet search engine as the company seeks to build advertising sales on the Web.

The investment would be in “what we think is a wonderful search engine,â€? News Corp. Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch, 74, said yesterday on a conference call with analysts after the company announced earnings. Murdoch said the price will be “insignificant’â€? and declined to identify the business.

Jeremy goes on to say:

This is part of a $2 billion push in into the Internet, which seems to centre on plans for

a site featuring a search engine and links to Web pages focusing on News Corp.’s movie, television and sports businesses, Murdoch said. “We already have the assets to be a dominant player on the Web,â€? Murdoch said.

That sounds horribly like a portal of old, to me. I do hope Murdoch gets the Internet, and isn’t just grabbing it.

News Corp., Bloomberg says, has bought Intermix Media Inc. for $580 million, owner of the Web sites Flowgo.Com and My, and has also recently purchased Australian real estate Web site Real for $92 million, and Scout Media Inc., a Seattle-based owner of 200 sports Web sits and 47 magazines for about $60 million.

Then I read on Scoble’s site that there is a rumour that Technorati is about to be sold.


Mind you, Scoble is referencing BL Ochman who thinks Technorati will be sold to a search engine – possibly even Yahoo! (or Google as some of her commenters are guessing)!

Watch this space!

A Texan AI called Egor came to the conclusion that Murdoch is buying Technorati as well (I’m not sure I’m altogether happy that an AI came to the same conclusion as me!).

I see Jeff Jarvis is now saying the rumours of a sale are untrue

17 thoughts on “News Corp to buy Technorati?”

  1. 2 + 2 = 10 on the Internet!

    There’s been a flurry of Search Engines over the past year, so other ones like IceRocket have equally as good chance of acquisition.

  2. True Ed,

    In IceRocket’s case though, I somehow don’t see Mark Cuban selling to Murdoch!

    It just seemed coincidental to me when I read the two stories:
    1. News Corp are saying “we are in talks to buy a search engine” and then I see
    2. Technorati are about to be sold

    Like you said 2 + 2 = 10!

  3. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Can anyone say “The Power of Threes”?

    There is also the fact that Murdoch Jnr is leaving the fold to move back to my old suburb of Bronte in Australia. Reports there say that he is thinking of starting hiw own media company if Newscorp cannot furnish him a position down under.

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  5. Interesting spin on BL’s rumor. So are you asserting that Rupert is buying Technorati or actually going after someone bigger? I had seen your speculation about Rupert before. And it has some merit. But if you are right, is Dave generating the spin to increase the price? Gosh, I hope not. This weeks Worldcom sentences leave a bad taste in my mouth. I certainly hope folks aren’t spiking the punch! 😉

  6. If I’m honest Lorin, I don’t think Rupert is going after Technorati – I just think it is an interesting coincidence that these two stories arose at the same time. Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part (!) but I imagine Rupert is going after someone like LookSmart.

    I don’t see him having the smarts to go after Technorati!

  7. Ochman talks about a “large search engine company.” If that part of the rumor is true, then 2+2 doesn’t add up. But you never know. I’ve been wondering how long it would be before Technorati gets gobbled up by a major player.

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