updated, I believe’s blog announced several updates to the site yesterday – roaming profiles and changes to the sidebar – that’s all very well if you can see the site but being on a Mac I can’t tell you how they affect the experience as the site is not Mac friendly.

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised at this – it is a Microsoft site, after all – the company that invented proprietary standards!

On the one hand we have Molly telling us Microsoft are embracing Web Standards and on the other hand we have this site.

Fortunately, Google has a similar site which works just fine on the Mac – check it out here.

8 thoughts on “ updated, I believe”

  1. Interesting – they don’t even appear on a Mac!

    Have you tried Konquerer? I’d say the position with that would be worse because it uses the same engine as Safari and nothing at all loads in Safari apart from the Search box!

  2. I’ve been playing some more and have personalised my content a bit 🙂

    I don’t have konqueror installed and I don’t really want to

  3. It’s got potential.
    Google are now beginning to suffer from their own innovation. They put something on the market. People whine. Competitor releases version with the fix.

  4. Im using Konqueror right now.. and i’ll say its as fast as firefox on breezy 5.10. The downside is that the ajax stuff on and does NOT work. It does work with firefox and opera… if you’re wondering, opera is faster 8 is faster than firefox 1.5 and also comes with a great feedreader

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