3 Ireland should have a blog

3 Ireland launched their Irish services today and there is a big discussion about the offerings happening on Boards.ie.

Much of the discussion is around shortcomings of the offerings and ways they could be improved – mostly from people disenchanted with the incumbent operators.

Much of this feedback would be invaluable to 3 Ireland – are they monitoring Boards.ie – I have my doubts.

Of course, what would make far more sense is if 3 ireland had a blog – that way the discussions could be happening on their website and they would be receiving directly the perceptions of their products from their potential clientbase.

Not to mention all the positive PR they’d create by demonstrating such an open and transparent culture.

Another opportunity wasted.

To the guys in 3 – if ye want a business blogging strategy, my contact details are on the right hand side of the page.

9 thoughts on “3 Ireland should have a blog”

  1. A blog would be a good idea to introduce the new service, but if I were 3 I’d be far more inclined to base my strategy around podcasting and video blogging.

    Obviously with a 3G phone, it’s more logical to base a social media offering media around those two techniques in the long run because sight and sound are two of the primary senses associated with mobile phones. On top of that you’ve only got to look at the finding this week that mobile phones will drive video blogging in the future.

  2. Very good point Piaras,

    And if they used WordPress as their blog engine, then they could run PodCasts, Vlogs and regular blogs all from the one interface!

  3. It may be my settings, but their website seems to be a cross-browser mess. Eg I can click through on pictures of their phones in IE but not in Firefox.
    So that’s not a great PR start – and doesn’t bode well for their openness to something as far out as a weblog.

  4. Well all I can say is that this is a smaller repetition of their UK launch. A short splash, with a massively under resourced PR function. You are spot on Tom about the blog, but you’ll be lucky if they’ve devoted more than two or three to watch watch and service the Irish media in total. I know. It’s a perfect argument for a blog. but you’ll need to get to someone much more senior than the PRs.

  5. @Philip, it is not your settings – the site is a mess and doesn’t validate (no surprise there) – so yeah, a blog might seem a bit far fetched for a company who appear to know so little about the Internet.

    @Mick, agreed – anyone got contact details for Stephen Pilkington?

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