3 Ireland about to launch

3 Ireland is about to launch with a range of services and handsets which are likely to put serious pressure on the current O2-Vodafone duopoly.

On Morning Ireland this morning, 3’s Commercial Director for Ireland, Stephen Pilkington, announced that their 200 anytime minutes offering would be priced at 25 euro per month – that is around half of Vodafone’s price for a similar offering.

Guys, if anyone in 3 Ireland is listening, slip me a cool handset and I’ll post lots of great reviews – shhh, just between the two of us, ok?

The new 3 Ireland site has launched – it includes an online store to buy your new handset online – head on over to check out their offerings!

5 thoughts on “3 Ireland about to launch”

  1. Err.. and if you have a second handset, slip it this way and I’ll backup all of Tom’s great reviews 🙂

  2. Oh Tom, how you got my hopes up! *Sniff* 3G’s coverage in Ireland is still patchy. (Also check out what other countries you get coverage in…) I’m going to have to wait a while yet before it will be worth my while, and the hassle, to change networks.

    3 Ireland is a welcome addition to the mobile phone market in Ireland. The faster they get their coverage extended, the better for me.

  3. I know Maura – check out my next post where I suggest 3 Ireland should have a blog – if they had, then you’d be able to tell them directly what you think and they could respond!

    How revolutionary would that be?

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