Irish Blogosphere cleanup

I did a bit of a tidy up of Loic Le Muer’s Wiki page on the Irish Blogosphere this morning.

I noticed that some of the sites listed had Technorati link numbers which were inaccurate so I did a Technorati link search for each of the listed sites and corrected the numbers – note these numbers change on an almost daily basis so all I can say is that they are accurate today!

I also made the headings more obvious!

This page is a handy resource, kudos to Loic for setting it up – it will be interesting to watch it develop.

9 thoughts on “Irish Blogosphere cleanup”

  1. Noticed that Wiki a while back. It’s a really useful resource, espeically considering how anglo-centric and US-centric the blogosphere tends to be. Now if we could only speak all those languages we’d be laughing….

    I think one of the reasons there was such as big difference in the Technorati counts was that the page was (at least the last time I looked) counting link numbers rather than “sites that link to”, the former usually being larger than the latter.

    Hope you had a good time in Spain by the way.

  2. @Michele – good one, I thought you might(!)

    @Dick – you can’t speak all those languages? Shame on you 😉
    Ah! Link numbers rather than “sites that link toâ€? – that would explain the differences, alright. Hope I haven’t spoiled anyone’s day!

  3. “*ahem* Donncha has 14,383 sites linking to him:”

    He was in my class in school.
    Do I get extra points for that?


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