Hotmail's 2mb storage

I have a hotmail account (I feel like someone in group therapy –
Tom: “Hi, my name is Tom and …. I have a hotmail account”
All: “Hi Tom!”)

and my Hotmail account’s storage is still only 2mb. I know, I know, Gmail is 2gb – I have a Gmail account too and I think it is the business but I still use the Hotmail account for the odd thing.

I have read in several places that hotmail accounts have variously been upped to 25mb and/or 250mb. I can’t see how to up the limit on my account. Every time I click on the upgrade button in hotmail, it wants me to pay for the privilige (whereas I believe Hotmail should be paying me for the privilige of reading my emails!).

Anyone know how to increase the storage on my Hotmail account (without paying!)?

6 thoughts on “Hotmail's 2mb storage”

  1. Thanks for that Don,

    I had already found this link which is basically the same instructions – I tried it and I now have 25mb and hopefully 250mb in the near future!



  2. Cool. It’s very handy. I mostly use my gmail account now, but I still get regular mail to my Hotmail address, and it’s nice to to have to keep clearing it out all the time.

  3. Hmmm,

    Dunno David – when I followed the instructions on the site i mentioned above, my account went to 25mb straight away. It is supposed to jump to 250mb at some stage soon! I was tired of hearing about people whose accounts were more than 2mb so i couldn’t wait!

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