Microsoft Longhorn talk

I was at an IT@Cork event today – it was a Microsoft talk on Longhorn.

The talk was presented very ably by Robert Burke. Rob concentrated on discussing Avalon and I must say as (primarily) a Mac user, may I welcome Microsoft to the world of the slick interface. :-). OS X has most of the interface elements Robert referred to (or an equivalent) already built in and has had for some time!

By the way, if you visit Robert’s blog from a Mac, don’t bother trying to comment – Mac users are unable to blog on the new MSDN blog engine. I tried from my Mac using FireFox 1.04 and also Safari 2.0 but kept getting errors.

MSDN, I would suggest your blog engine needs a bit more work! I had to log into a Win2k server I manage remotely to leave my comment – not all Mac users will have the ability to do the same – or maybe you don’t care what Mac users think?

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Longhorn talk”

  1. Tom, thanks for your kind words, and it was great to meet you last night!

    As for the blogging engine, don’t get me started 🙂 I have forwarded your comments along to the Powers that Be at The blogging engine we’re using is in a state of flux right now, and obviously we want to hear more from the Mac posse!

    Speaking of whom: my artistically-inclined sister is a dyed-in-the-wool Mac user, and I’ve always been impressed with the slickness of Mac interfaces, so I have no excuse for being as unaware as I am of the details of OS X 10.4.

    Give me a bit of time to collect my thoughts, and I promise to continue this discussion shortly via my blog.

    wishing you all the best

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