Microsoft to start selling anti-virus services

The BBC are running a story about Microsoft starting an anti-virus and security service for PC users.

According to the BBC’s site

The service is designed to automatically patch-up security holes, as well as beef up anti-virus and spyware protection. It will also help maintain the health of a user’s PC generally

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a conflict of interest here? Why would Microsoft want to create secure software incapable of being infected by viruses if they are selling anti-virus services. It would be bound to be in Microsoft’s interest for non-customers to become virus infected and thereby require Microsoft’s anti-virus services.

To anyone who is tired of viruses/malware and spyware infecting their PCs I say – buy a Mac (or a linux based PC). I don’t have any anti-virus or anti-spyware software on my Macs (I do on my PCs) because I don’t require it. There are simply no viruses or spyware for Mac.

One thought on “Microsoft to start selling anti-virus services”

  1. Not only that. How can you rest in peace having an anti-virus software from a company whole core product is the best harvesting ground for viruses?

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