Blogging for business in Cork

I’m on the Steering Committee of an IT networking organisation called IT@Cork. We run evening events at least once a month for our membership (we have around 170 member companies – from sectors as diverse as Bankingand we are aggressively growing that number).

As several people blogged about yesterday, I’m organising an event on business blogging (I’m calling it Blogging for Business ‘cos I’m not the most original of thinkers!) on 9th of June in the National Software Centre in Cork. Speakers will include Dr. John Breslin, Maura McHugh, Richard Delevan and (God help us) myself!

What I am hoping to do with this event is to educate business people on how adding a blog to their site could be beneficial for their business.

Love to hear people’s ideas/comments.

2 thoughts on “Blogging for business in Cork”

  1. I edited your comment to add your name Damien and deleted the comment where you said your name didn’t appear in the comment!

    I checked out the link you sent and in fairness I have to agree with Ms Rodriguez’ analysis of what a good business blog should be.

    This is why I am more inclined to recommend a Bob Lutz’ type blog for businesses than Jonathan Schwartz.

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