Virtual desktop manager for OS X

I found a great virtual desktop manager for OS X – it is called Desktop Manager (strangely enough!) and is freely downloadable here.

Desktop Manager allows you to have any number of named virtual ‘screens’ (up to available memory) to arrange your programs on, Sticky window support (allowing you to have one window on all desktops), status-bar menu, desktop pager, Control switching via configurable ‘hotkeys’ and cool switch transitions.

The software is in early beta so it may well crash or windows may disappear. I had one issue where all my windows disappeared, as did the controls for Desktop Manager – but opening a new Finder window, navigating to the Applications folder and re-launching Desktop Manager brought everything back.

I like it and am hoping a more stable version will be ready when Tiger launches.

2 thoughts on “Virtual desktop manager for OS X”

  1. I downloaded this package yesterday and it has filled a void on my Mac that has made my usage of OSX slightly annoying. Especially since all my other machines are *nix based with some sort of virtual desktop. I haven’t run into any bugs yet. Very nice and featureful desktop.

    Glad I stopped by and saw your blog entry. I feel complete now, ok almost complete.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Terry.

    Glad you found this post useful. The more I use Desktop manager, the more I like it myself. and it really adds a wow factor to PowerPoint presentations (I haven’t bought Keynote yet!).

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