Google and world domination

Google has announced a new service which they are calling My Search History.

Google says

My Search History shows you all the searches you’ve done on Google and the search results you’ve clicked on” and further “you can use My Search History’s calendar feature to check the searches you did on a given day and navigate to any of them with a single click

Google goes on to say

Full-text search over your history means you can easily find any search query or results page. We also show you related history over time; you can review everything Google has ever shown you about “apples”, “bass fishing” or “the wizard of oz,” for instance, by clicking the “Related history” link next to any search term when it appears. My Search History also gives you useful info while you’re searching on Google. Next to your search results, you’ll see how many times you’ve visited a certain search result and the last time you viewed it. And if we think it will help you find what you’re looking for, we’ll grab pages you’ve already clicked on and put them above your regular web results

This all sounds very useful.

Then I read an article on how to use Gmail as a spam filter for your mail (thanks to Matt for the article pointer). Basically the gist of the article was that you should route all your incoming email through a Gmail account and forward the Gmail account back to your normal account – now cleaned of spam by Gmail’s spam filters. Wow! – I’m astonished to think that people trust Google enough to route all their mail through Gmail. Remember that Google’s Privacy Policy explicitly states that you can delete information from My Search History or Gmail, and it will be removed from the service and no longer available to you but Google still keeps the information – it just isn’t available to you anymore!

Gmail is also apparently building an RSS reader into its web interface. So now, they will have access to your email and your RSS subscription info and what articles you are interested enough to click through.

Couple that with the news that Microsoft is afraid of Google because Google is actively hiring people with skills not for search, but for products similar to what Microsoft makes and you now start to get the idea that 1) Google is tracking everything and 2) soon they will be looking to launch a Google Operating System and you start to get the idea that Bill Gates plans for world domination pale in comparison to what Google has yet up its sleeve.