OS X Tiger release date announced

Apple Computers have re-skinned their home page and included a count-down timer counting down the number of days to the official release date of their new operating system – OS X Tiger.

There are over 200 new features included in OS X Tiger. Which of these are the most compelling? I would have to say Spotlight – Spotlight is a new search application which allows you to search your entire system from one place: files, emails, contacts, images, calendars and applications instantly.

Another brilliant feature is Automator. Automator uses Workflows to allow you to automate all of your time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks. You create and save custom Workflows just by dragging items, pointing and clicking and you can even share Workflows with friends!

One totally hyped addition to OS X is called Dashboard. Dashboard gives
“you fast access to nifty widgets designed for fun as well as function.”
Personally I think widgets are a gimmick – they look totally cool but what do they add to productivity?

You know Apple are on a winner with this this OS when Microsoft‘s chief blogger, Robert Scoble, says of OS X Tiger
“Yup, Tiger is pretty sweet! You should see it on a 17-inch PowerBook. Wowza!”
in a piece entitled “Apple’s Tiger can claim leadership over Longhorn, Wilcox writes”