Showing the sidebar in Kubrick's single.php

I like the Kubrick theme which is currently in use on this site.

One thing that I wanted to change on it, though, was that I wanted the right hand navigation sidebar to display when viewing single posts – single posts are governed by the single.php page. I am aware that there are probably very good ui reasons not to have the sidebar display in single posts but I prefer to have it on for consistency.

I tried simply adding the

to single.php but this didn’t work as expected. The sidebar displayed but you had to scroll way down to see it at the bottom of the right hand side.

Looking into it further, I realised that in single.php the content div has a class widecolumn as below:
id="content" class="widecolumn"

Whereas in page.php this same line read
id="content" class="narrowcolumn"

As soon as I changed the class to narrowcolumn in single.php, the sidebar jumped up to the right place.

8 thoughts on “Showing the sidebar in Kubrick's single.php”

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  2. It was the link to that Kubrick header thing you had posted …
    I tried that last night, but it couldn’t find the images I was finding on flickr directly so I gave up and used a different theme 🙂

  3. Very nice tip. The way I see it, you NEED the sidebar to get people hooked into the rest of the blog. Without it, often only one entry is read. From a marketing perspective I’d say that this is the first change one should make.

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