Problems using WordPress as a CMS

I have started using WordPress as a CMS for this site and it has presented some challenges which I hadn’t forseen. Some of those I have resolved and some I am still working on.

One issue I have resolved is that the title of this blog “Tom Raftery’s I.T. views” – is not the same as the title of the site. WordPress doesn’t allow for this in its db structure, so in order to get it to display the correct site title on the site and blog title on the blog, I had to shoehorn it a bit.

What I did was, I opened header.php in my theme folder, and copied its contents. Then I opened the pages where I wanted to change the title, found the bit of code

and replaced it with the full code from header.php.

Finally, I found the bit of code from header.php which codes for the title

and I replaced it with">Tom Raftery I.T.

By saving this code into template pages and associating those templates with the corresponding Pages on the site I now have the site title on the site pages, and the blog title on the blog pages.