Belated birthday wishes to Netscape and OpenOffice – Netscape was launched as a Beta 10 years ago yesterday and OpenOffice source code was released by Sun 4 years ago yesterday.

10 years ago, eh? Back in the days of lightening fast 14.4 modems, if you were lucky! I was in UCC around that time and I distinctly remember John Murphy of the Computer Centre telling me of a browser called Mosaic which could display images as well as text. Naively my next question was – what is the point of that!

10 years ago the PowerMac 6100 – the first PowerMac was launched. This had a 60mhz PowerPC 601 chip, 8mb of ram and a 160mb hard disk! Power to burn!

Ah yes, nostalgia – not bad now, but it used to be so much better!