PCs to get ability to run Mac software?

I installed Virtual PC on my Mac early on – it is a very handy little app which allows me to run PC-only apps on my Mac (i.e. I have MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager running on my Mac connected to several remote databases).

Now a Hawaiian company called MXS has announced the release of their CherryOS which, it claims, allows PCs to run Mac OS X in emulation. If this is true, Many PC owners could use Apple’s superb Mail app to read their email in a far more secure manner than if they were reading it in Outlook. Also, they could use Firefox for Mac to browse, again far more secure than IE on the PC.

There is a lot of speculation, though that that this announcement is a hoax. Watch this space for updates.

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2 thoughts on “PCs to get ability to run Mac software?”

  1. There’s nothing to stop people using Firefox on Windows – and the more the better. However, Firefox on Mac is more secure again than Firefox on PC.

    Also, yep, I am aware of PearPC – in fact, a lot of the speculation around CherryOS is that it is an unaccredited rip-off of PearPC!

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