Blogger login problems

I had problems logging in to Blogger over the weekend. Firefox is my default browser and on clicking the “Sign In” button nothing happened. Also, in other browsers, (Camino, Mozilla, and Safari) I was getting an authentication error message on clicking the “Publish Post” button. It was really frustrating!

I tried searching (Googling) for a resolution but the error was generic so I couldn’t find anything relevant. I wasn’t sure was there a problem with Blogger or with my Mac. Then I decided to have a look through the Blogger Help pages. On the Ask Blogger Support page I saw a “Login Difficulties?” link. I followed that link and found the resolution – it advised me to delete the Blogger Cookie in my browser. I did this and all was well in the (Blogger) world again.

I thought this was an isolated issue until I got a mail from FrankP this morning telling me he had Blogger login problems over the weekend! I wonder if there was a more general Blogger problem which corrupted cookies of people who published/tried to publish over the weekend.

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  1. I’m having problems logging in now, and I can’t access any blogger pages either, so no help for me. And now is 9 months down the track so maybe blogger is having some sort of Safari/blogger baby!

  2. I’ve been having the same problem. It’s really frustrating. I’ll get a message that says my browser is set to not allow cookies (which it isn’t) and/or that I don’t have JavaScript enabled (which I do).

    I’ve also been having problems adding photos to my posts and I have to keep deleting all of my cookies in order to get pictures to appear. It’s very odd and I haven’t yet found a solution….

  3. yea im having problem too..cause i believe nth is wrong with my computer..and i thought it would be the cookies problem again..but no..nothing is i came to google hoping to find pple with the same problem as me and hopefully theres a solution to things..if there is one

  4. Please I am finding it difficult to log into my blogger, kindly help me. Ünverified account”appears each time I want to log in.

  5. Having the same problem here, at my pc. I do not know what is going on with blogger.

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