Microsoft Money users 'locked out'

While Microsoft Money is an application that resides on a computer’s hard drive, the service also integrates online access to information and services. Users can upload their personal finance files onto the Web and access the information over the ‘net while away from home.

However, some users of the service found themselves locked out of their accounts on Monday afternoon and the lock out persisted until late last night.

According to Russ Paul Jones of Microsoft the problem occurred because “one of our servers was updated and inadvertently pointed to the wrong location to verify authentication”.

Microsoft posted directions on how to log in again for affected users last night at 10:30pm.

This should serve as a salutory reminder to people not to rely completely on remote IT services without some kind of local backup.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Money users 'locked out'”

  1. Ouch. Looks like MS misconfigured an authentication server and many MS-Money users were locked out on Monday – and continue to be locked out of their own files. I like the fact that they are talking in the open though.

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