French Ministry chooses Mandrake

Mandrakesoft issued an announcement recently that the French Ministry of Equipment is to use Mandrake as their distro of choice in their project to move their servers away from proprietary software (Windows).

1500 Mandrake servers are being rolled out to replace 2000 NT servers and to serve 60,000 client PCs. There is no news yet what OS the desktop PCs will be migrated to.

In response to the announcement Kevin Buckley MD of Mandrakesoft Ireland said “The French Government’s decision to move from Microsoft NT to the Mandrakelinux Corporate Server is great news. This proves the point that Mandrakelinux is a Secure, Reliable and Robust operating system. Hopefully the Irish Government will now see that Mandrakelinux is a excellent alternative, which will save the Irish people a great amount of money in the near future.”

Co-incidentally, Mandrake was my Linux distro of choice after reviewing several Linux distributions – great minds, eh?!