Mandrake installation woes

Well, I received my Mandrake install CDs this morning in the post from Kevin Buckley of Mandrakesoft. Excited, I installed CD1 into the CD drive of the PC and re-booted. I chose the Install option when prompted .

However, I then get the following error message: “I can’t access a Mandrake Linux installation disc in your CDROM drive (Samsung CD-ROM SCR-3232 VH102). Retry?”

Curious, because it is obviously using the cd drive and reading from the disk to get that far!

Ah well, off I go to try to sort this one – fun, fun, fun!

2 thoughts on “Mandrake installation woes”

  1. We do have RAID 1 0 on the DB servers, a live backup running now, and have done a few other things to ensure this wont happen again. The timing was unfortunate because things were still in transition because of the datacenter move.

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