Mandrake installation problem solved

In response to an email query, Kevin Buckley of Mandrakesoft (the guy who kindly gave me the Mandrake installation CDs) wrote back to inform me that “your Samsung CD-ROM SCR-3232 VH102 is not supported by the 2.6.3 kernel, there are only very few [drives not supported], but this is one of them. The only way that [you] can install it is with a external CD-ROM drive”

I took Kevin’s advice, sort of – I had access to another internal CD drive (not an external) so I:

  1. opened the case of the pc,
  2. connected up the internal cd drive,
  3. switched on the pc,
  4. inserted the install 1 cd

And away the installation progressed – through to completion this time (or rather to completion this time, I hope – it is installing now and there are 35 minutes remaining!).

I’ll post again with an update.

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