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First Irish Podcast to Achieve Radio Syndication

I got an email this morning from Conn O’Muineachain from the An timeall podcast informing me that:

An tImeall, the daily podcast in the Irish language, today becomes the first independent Irish podcast to cross-over to traditional radio, as it begins a syndicated run on Galway city’s college community station, Flirt FM. The 15 minute show will air each weekday at 5:30pm…

An tImeall is published at imeall.blogspot.com. It was the first podcast in the Irish language, and one of the first in Ireland. It’s mission is to serve the worldwide community of Irish speakers and to encourage the development of online networks to promote the language. Over 120 episodes have been produced since last July, and last month the site was honoured for it’s use of Irish at the inaugural Irish Blog Awards.

Flirt FM is the community radio station for the student population of Galway city’s two third level colleges. It was established in 1995. Flirt FM’s new summer schedule starts today and further details can be found at flirtfm.org.

This is great news for Conn, who has been tireless in his blogging and podcasting, for the Irish language and for podcasting in Ireland – this is another validation of the medium.

Well done Conn – couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

Steve Rubel Interview Podcast

I did an interview with Steve Rubel yesterday (Saturday) – Steve was great – he was full of interesting insights, enthusiasm, and good humour. I can see now why he has become such a successful blogger.

The interview was recorded from a Skype call so the audio quality is waaaay better than the previous interviews which were done recording landline to landline! I would have done Skype calls sooner, had I known (and saved myself a bundle in transatlantic call charges too!).

Thanks to Alan O’Rourke of Spoiltchild Design for coming up with the funky signature tune for the podcast.

Here are a list of the questions I put to Steve and the times in the podcast that I asked them:

Who is Steve Rubel? – 0:33
Why use social software in traditional PR campaigns? – 1:07
How do you qualify which companies should blog and which shouldn’t? – 4:42
What size organisation is Cooper katz? – 5:23
How does that compare to the rest of the PR industry? – 5:35
Are more and more PR firms following your lead into blogging? – 6:16
Do you know how many subscribers and unique visitors you have per day? – 9:19
Why should businesses in Ireland blog? – 11:42
If a company is thinking about starting a blog, how should they start out? – 14:38
How do you see RSS changing the face of business in the coming years? – 18:39
How many feeds are you subscribed to? – 21:59
Why did you decide to branch into podcasting? – 25:18
Podcasting and blogging are very different media – do you need to take a different approach to their creation? – 26:32
What podcasts do you listen to? – 29:11
Do you unplug from technology at all, do you have any non-tech hobbies? – 30:30
Do you not think that blogs are just a tool in a PR practitioner’s arsenal rather than a replacement for people given that some people will just use the Internet for email and not for joining in on the online conversation? – 34:51
What are your predicitons for the PR industry, traditional media and social media for 2006? – 36:31
Do you think that vlogging (or what ever video blogging will be known as) will be the next big thing next year? – 42:13
Are you going to the Les Blogs 2.0 conference in Paris – 48:50
What do you see coming down the line as the next big thing? – 49:32
Mac or PC? – 47:37
Why the Mac? – 48:48
What is your favourite gadget? – 50:54

You can listen to the interview podcast here (12.1mb mp3).