8 thoughts on “Happy holidays”

  1. And to you, Tom. Hope 2006 is a good one for you. By the way, Mr. Scoble has it that you received an e-mail from Ray Ozzie the other day. Anything interesting …?

  2. Keith, Michele

    Thanks guys – I use Holidays as opposed to Christmas ‘cos many of my readers are non-Christian – I too am not a Christian so happy Holidays resonates better with me.

    Thanks Fran, ah shure Ray is always sending me emails – Tom what do you think I should do about this…, Tom what do you think I should do about that…, you know how it is Fran!


  3. Just to clarify Fran – that last was a joke – Ray is not always emailing me!

    Nothing interesting yet (apart from the fact that he emailed me!), if something interesting does come out of it, I’ll let you know.

  4. Tom, I was trying to think of a smart comment to come back to you with (very slow turkey brain today, I’m afraid) when I got this last post. If Ray does write again, nobble him for an interview. The thing that fascinates me is that it is beginning to look like Google has prompted Micrsoft back into wakefuleness (too early to tell for sure, I know). This time, however, unlike 1995, it won’t be just the giant against the upstart. With very serious players like Yahoo!, Amazon, eBay etc. involved and a host of small, very innovative companies it is hard to tell how this is going to play out. But it will be very interesting indeed. And with Ray Ozzie at the centre of Microsoft’s strategy he would be a good guy for a podcast! It’s the least he could do for you for all that advice 😉

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