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The Viability of a 100% Renewable Energy Grid: Insights from Anja Frada of Wärtsilä Energy

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When we think about the future of energy, the concept of a 100% renewable energy grid often comes up. But is this vision feasible? To shed light on this subject, I turned to Anja Frada, the COO of Wärtsilä Energy, on the latest episode of the Climate Confident podcast.

Anja and her team at Wärtsilä Energy are at the forefront of this renewable revolution, and her insights provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie in the path towards a sustainable energy future.

Renewable Energy: An Economic Imperative

Anja emphasized the economic viability of renewable energy. According to her, “When we look at where we are today, we can clearly see the economic incentive to invest in renewables, and then flexibility as a result.” A promising statement from someone with her finger on the pulse of the industry.

She also discussed the importance of flexibility in the energy system, an essential component that goes hand in hand with renewable energy. This flexibility comes from a combination of renewable energy sources, energy storage, and other flexible technologies, providing a grid that can adapt to the variability of renewable power.

EU Energy Market Reforms

The conversation also delved into the impact of recent EU energy market reforms, which are transforming the way the electricity market operates. For Anja, a holistic view of the energy system is crucial in this era of transformation.

“I think it’s very important that we look holistically at the energy system to understand how should we build it out and what type of investments should we do? And then build also a market that ensures those investments will happen,” she explained.

Building an Incentive Structure

A pivotal aspect of our transition towards a renewable future lies in creating the right incentive structure. This drives investment into renewable energy and the necessary flexibility solutions. “We need to ensure that there is the right incentives to do those investments,” Anja emphasized.

Listen to the Full Episode

Anja’s insights underscore the reality that a 100% renewable energy grid is not only possible but also economically viable. It will require innovation, investment, and a thoughtful approach to market incentives, but the path forward is clear.

To hear more about Anja’s perspective on the future of renewable energy, tune in to the full episode of the Climate Confident podcast, or watch it on YouTube. From the economic incentives driving renewable energy investment to the role of EU energy market reforms, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of our energy landscape.

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