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Sony Vaio keyboard help needed!

Terrible 2's and laptops!

I have a Sony Vaio laptop (model VGN- SZ3VWP). Unfortunately our 2yr old decided a while back that most of the keys on the keyboard were superfluous and he pried them off (see above). He was so proud!!!

There doesn’t appear to be a Sony repair center in Seville – well the only ones I could find were for audio/hi-fi and didn’t want to know about laptops! The keyboard appears to be beyond repair, (though I’d love to have someone tell me otherwise) so I probably need to find some way to get it replaced.

If I could get my hands on a keyboard, I’d have a go at replacing it myself.

Anyone any suggestions on the best way to proceed with this might be?

Will Sony learn to trust its customers?

I see that according to USA Today, Sony are going to recall all the music CDs they shipped with the virus enabling software. According to the article, Sony will also offer exchanges for people who bought CDs with the software.

This is not before time – their initial response was to offer an almost unusable uninstaller, which when it did uninstall, it created a big security hole on the pc it ran on! You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Let’s just hope Sony uses this fiasco as a learning experience and that Sony will learn to trust and respect its customers (rather than treating them all as potential criminals). If that happens, over time, Sony’s customers may start to trust Sony again.