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Photo editing within Flickr

One bit of functionality which Flickr has long been missing is online photo editing. This was a bit of a gaping hole considering Flickr is a site for online photo sharing and storage!

However, Flickr announced yesterday that they have integrated the functionality of online photo editor Picnik into Flickr and it is now possible to edit your photos within Flickr.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the editing functions are quite basic as yet, but the great thing about these online apps is that they tend to improve their functionality over time.

Photo editing in Flickr

I’d love to hear Walter Higgin’s take on this (Walter is a friend and CEO of Sxoop Technologies, the makers of Pixenate – the premiere online photo editor).

Problems with Google Reader

One of the advantages of Google Reader is that you can view it on multiple devices and it is always in sync. At least that’s the theory anyway!

However, it has been annoying me that whenever I view my feeds on my phone (Nokia E65) the list of unread posts looks very different.

I took a screenshot of Google Reader this morning on my Mac and on my phone so you can see what I am talking about. Both devices had their cache cleared before I loaded Google Reader and took the screenshots.

First off, the phone
Google Reader on Nokia E65

Now the Mac
Google Reader on Mac

As you can see, there are lots of feeds missing from the version on the phone.

I deleted all the folders on Google Reader so that all my feeds are at the top level (in case the phone was only seeing one particular folder) but this didn’t help.

Is anyone else having this issue and is their a way to get around it?