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Sorry Tim

Tim O’Reilly has responded to the whole Web 2.0 trademark/C&D fiasco of the last number of days.

In his response Tim apologises to IT@Cork:

I apologize to IT@Cork for the organizational failure that led to them getting a legal letter rather than a simple email query or phone call.

Thanks Tim, I will accept your apology on behalf of IT@Cork.

Tim goes on to say that he believes I owe him an apology

I think Tom owes us an apology for the way he responded.

He is right, of course – I should have dropped him an email first rather than posting on the blog. Frankly, it didn’t occur to me. Sorry Tim.

I did the same thing to Tracy Sheridan after I had problems participating in her initial Waxxi interactive podcast with Robert Scoble and Shel Israel. I had her email address as well but I blogged. Should I have emailed her? Possibly but blogging has become my natural response to events like this.

Maybe I need to re-think how I respond, in the future.