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Windows Live Writer – Insert Event

I read on Conor O Neill’s blog this morning that Windows Live Writer has a plugin which allows insertion of Events. The Events can be added from Eventful using Live Clipboard or via a search Eventful button in the plugin.

To give it a try, I entered the information about the it@cork 2006 Annual Conference into Eventful. I then tried to use Live Clipboard to copy the data across into Live Writer but I couldn’t get this to work – I kept getting malformed XML errors.

Undaunted, I then tried the Search Eventful option and this worked eventually (the search facility is poor so it takes a long time to find the event you want). However, I found the Event in Eventful and it added it in to this post (below).

 The formatting isn’t great (of the Description field in particular) but other than that it seems to work quite well.


According to the download page:

The published post included correct hCalendar microformatting

 This is interesting – a tool supporting Microformats coming out of Microsoft – the shame of it is that when I last checked it has only been downloaded 149 times.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
All Day
2006 it@cork National Technology & Business Conference – Business without Boundaries
09:10 OPENING ADDRESS ‘Bricks to Clicks’ Speaker: Eddie Hobbs, SESSION 1 – THE FLAT EARTH PHENOMENON 10:00 Early Pioneers of bookselling and art on the Web Speaker: Conor Kenny, Kennys.ie (…
Rochestown Park Hotel

Rochestown Road

Cork, Cork   Ireland

Download iCalendar file