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Gmail adds IMAP support

I noticed that Chris Gilmer reported this morning that Gmail is now supporting IMAP for getting your mail as well as POP.

I quickly logged into my GMail account and Lo!, there was the IMAP option – wohoo!

Gmail adds IMAP

Why is this a good thing? Well, previously if you wanted to read your Gmail in your email client application (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) you had to use the POP protocol. IMAP is a better protocol for doing that because as Alex Chitu pointed out:

you’re always connected to the server, more clients can connect to the same account, you can obtain the text from a message without the attachments and the state information is synchronized (you can add labels from the client, read or delete a message and Gmail will synchronize).

Of course Hotmail (or as it is now mis-nomered Windows Live Mail) still doesn’t even allow POP access (unless you pay for it), never mind IMAP. This leads to many people’s accounts being deleted and losing all their email (happened to me last year).

Hotmail used to be a ground-breaking product until Microsoft got their hands on it and slowly squeezed the life out of it.

Microsoft Office? Oh yeah, I remember that…

Via the Google Blogoscoped site comes news of Google’s integration of Google Spreadsheets and Docs into Gmail. Now, anyone receiving an Excel spreadsheet as an attachment in Gmail will be offered the option to open the Spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets (see below).

Gmail - Google spreadsheet integration

Similar functionality has yet to be added for Word documents but, no doubt, it won’t be long.

Microsoft Office? Oh yeah, I remember that…

Google launch attack on the Office Enterprise market

Google has released Google Applications for Your Domain – you can sign up and check it out over at http://www.google.com/a.

Google Applications for Your Domain currently allows you to run Gmail, Gtalk, and Gpages (a web publishing tool) through your own domain. One immediate advantage of doing this is that Gmail’s spam filters seem to be very good so running company mail through it should reduce spam problems you may be having.

It is also planned to integrate Google’s online word Processor (Writely) and Google Spreadsheets so that Microsoft Office need never be fired up (or even installed!).

When you sign up you get the following screen:

Google Applications for Your Domain

The functionality is sparse right now but the great thing about software as a service is that updates are constantly being rolled out to the benefit of the consumer. One nice feature in the setup is the bulk uploader which allows you to upload a csv file for setup of your users:
Gayd advanced tools

Microsoft needs to be worried. Not because this threatens them from the point of view of functionality but because this new model is quickly becoming the accepted norm. And although Microsoft are getting into this arena too, who would you trust with your company’s data, Google or Microsoft?

UPDATE: D’oh! I forgot to title this post. Title added subsequently along with bang on the head to remind me not to do that again!

Google has rolled out a web version of Google Talk

As the title suggests, Google has rolled out a Flash based version of Google Talk called Gtalkr.

It includes a Yahoo Maps extension – as Google Maps is not Flash based – this is unfortunate because Yahoo Maps is US only 🙁

Gtalkr also includes your Gmail account automatically (you log in using your Gmail credentials), so it looks like Google are trying to make this a home page for users.

I spotted this on TechCrunch – hopefully the Google Talk blog will break the story soon!

Robin has correctly pointed out to me that the web-based Flash version of Google Talk is not a Google product – in a footnote on the base of the site it clearly says:

Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Google.

Time to get those eyes checked again Tom!