I have joined The Futures Agency


Those of you who are connected to, or are following me on LinkedIn may have noticed an update to my profile there the other day. I have joined The Futures Agency.

What is The Futures Agency?
The Futures Agency is like a speaker’s bureau except that it specialises in futurists – people who are looking at trends in technology and society and who attempt to predict from that where we are headed.

Is this a full time gig?
No, this is a non-exclusive arrangement – The Futures Agency prefers to call us Members, so I can continue to work with other organisations, as before.

How did this come about?
TomAtCEPISI was invited to be one of two keynote speakers to address the 56th CEPIS Council Meeting in Athens recently. The other keynote speaker was Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, and CEO of The Futures Agency.

Gerd and I got to talking over lunch and he was interested in some of the things I had to say.

After lunch Gerd gave his keynote first, and I presented my keynote (The Future of IT should be Green), immediately after.

Gerd was seemingly impressed by the talk, and so he invited me to join his agency. And I was honoured to accept.

You’re a Futurist, what are next week’s winning lottery numbers?
Good question – that will take a little time to think about. How about you leave that one with me, and I’ll have an answer for you, oh I don’t know, say… next week? 😉

If anyone has any more questions for me, feel free to leave them here in the comments, to email me, or hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever is your preferred chat app.