Testing QuickPress

You can now post quick blog posts from within the Dashboard of your WordPress 2.7 blog – (un)fortunately not restricted to 140 characters!

Author: Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery - Global Internet of Things Evangelist for SAP, speaker, blogger with a big side of CleanTech, and Energy! Opinions mine (or pilfered from others)

10 thoughts on “Testing QuickPress”

  1. I updated one of my other blogs with the Fantastico thing in cpanel and it went very smoothly with no problems in case anyone is wondering if that works ok.

  2. The upgrade is smooth (for me) and is definitely worth it. The new features are excellent but you will need a little time to locate all the correct buttons again in the interface.

    Thats no biggy though, takes about an hour.

    Included in the new v2.7 is an autop upgrade feature, so you wont need the plugin that was available anymore it will do the lot as and when required. Hopefully all your plugins will announce upgrade requirements as well without throwing up any problems.

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