RedMonk cleans up at the IIAR awards

When I agreed to join industry analyst firm RedMonk a couple of weeks back I knew I was joining an interesting company of really bright people but I had no visibility of how well they are perceived in the industry.

This week the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations released their survey of analyst relations professionals and RedMonk (a firm of now four analysts!) rated in the top five in most categories, up there with the Forresters, the Gartners and the Ovums of the world!

In the analyst of the year section we took 3rd and 5th place for James Governor and Michael Cote respectively! The only analyst company with two of the top five.

We were fourth placed analyst firm globally after Forrester, Gartner and IDC. And serious kudos to Michael Cote for being named third placed analyst of the year in the US.

Uh, oh! Guys, I have just realised how high you have set the bar for me!

UPDATED: Post updated to include a link to the survey! D’oh!

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  1. Just shows what a great decision you made Tom. I think you have a chance to make a real difference, and that counts as real meaningful work 🙂

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