I'm joining RedMonk!

I have been working as a Social Media consultant in Ireland for around four years now and director of the Cork Internet eXchange data center for the last two years.

However with my imminent move to Spain in July, I will lose 90% of the revenue from these streams. I can’t reproduce those streams in the Spanish market because my spoken Spanish is nowhere the level which would be required.

With that in mind I have been actively looking for a job for the last 6-8 months now. I have had some fantastic job offers from some extremely interesting companies.

Recently I have been more and more interested in the Green IT space, writing on my LowerFootprint.com blog and the GreenMonk blog for industry analyst company RedMonk. And giving talks about Green IT at various international conferences.

The other night I watched Al Gore’s latest talk at the TED conference. It is a real call to action and clarified to me that I need to do something.


I have long admired the RedMonk model of open sourcing their (our) analysis and so, when James Governor of RedMonk offered me the opportunity to work professionally for RedMonk doing Green tech and sustainability research I nearly bit his hand off!

So effective immediately I am an Industry Analyst specialising in the Green tech area. Rock on!

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  1. Tom, congrats. Best of luck in the new role. Looks like an excellent fit for you.

  2. Congrats Tom.

    Please post the Kawasaki interview at PodLeaders before your shifting of gears. It’s the green thing to do. Imagine the carbon footprint of what went into that interview and no one’s getting the benefit of what was said (outside of you and Guy).

  3. Congrats Tom. I enjoyed hearing your Cork IX story in Berlin and Paris last year.

    May I offer a word of advice? Avoid at all costs the “Company X has flown me to destination Y, and guess what: I think they are talking about some interesting things in the Green tech space” stories that we have seen so far. This is not far from greenwashing. Save the planet or get rich trying is not, IMO, the right way to present a serious Green tech initiative, although I don’t doubt Red/Greenmonk’s commitment to this area.

    Your job should be to push companies towards meaningful action, not just take their coin to make both sides feel good.

    I really hope – indeed believe – you and James can do something with substance. It is needed.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Wow, this is fantastic news!

    Congratulations on successful quest to achieve the perfect balance between your professional passions and your family values. The entire ScienceLogic team is very happy for you and your family. We wish you well in Spain and look forward to your continued keen perspective on Green IT and beyond!


  5. Congrats again Tom. I just love to see someone ploughing a new furrow and reaping an early harvest πŸ™‚

    Though the story is there to be gleaned by reading back through your blog it’d be great if you could summarize sometime the journey you’ve taken over the last few years to get to this position. It would be an inspiration for many.

  6. what part of Spain Tom? Congrats – two of my mates have done the same France and Spain – they have no regrets whatsoever! Of course they are “connected”!

  7. Wooohooo! Big news, indeed!!! Congratulations, Tom! Way to go and well deserved! I seriously think the RedMonk house just nailed a heck of a superb deal in here! Look forward to interacting further here in the blogosphere and in Twitterland and always a pleasure catching up in real life over a drink or two, like we did yesterday!

    Enjoy it and congrats again! Wonderful news!!

  8. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. Much appreciated.

    @Lee – I understand your concerns but I think you will find that this post and this one, for instance, shows that your concerns are unfounded.

  9. Congratulations. I’m sure we’ll now hear more about interesting things around Europe as well as closer to home.

  10. Robert,

    thanks for the good wishes.

    On the arctic ice, I tend to believe what I read from the IPCC and other reliable sources than individual blogs with obvious agendas.

    From the
    Wikipedia entry on Polar ice:

    While the International Panel on Climate Change 2001 report predicted that the North polar ice cap would last to 2100 in spite of global warming caused by climate change, the dramatic reduction in the size of the ice cap during the northern summer of 2007 has led some scientists to estimate that there will be no ice at the North Pole by 2030 with devastating effects on the environment. [2]

    Other scientists such as Wieslaw Maslowski, a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, estimate that there will be no summer ice by as soon as 2013. He argues that this projection is already too conservative as his dataset did not include the minima of 2005 and 2007.

  11. I know what your saying that you would rather belive politicans about global warming i think scientists should get trumps on this but the science is being ignored and instead grants are being issued to prove global warming and non being issued to prove against it!

    read this : a 31000 scientist petition against the kyoto agreement!

    i think if people are going to go on about global warming we need to research it first much more! instead of taxing and proclaimg the end is ni!

    sorry again for hijacking your good blog!

    Also Say No To Lisbon! for a better Ireland for the irish!

  12. Robert,

    As a graduate scientist myself, I rather believe scientists, not politicians, hence in my first sentence above I mentioned the IPCC report, written by scientists, based on peer reviewed research.

    The petition you linked to above on the other hand allows anyone to download the petition and claim to be a scientist with a PhD. Its claims of signed up scientists are completely unverifiable.

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