Looking for a great Green domain name…

On the back of a suggestion from James Governor I am going to set up a blog dedicated to Green issues. I have a strong interest in this area and have presented internationally on the topic but I don’t post much about it (and when I do post here, I feel I am polluting the stream with unrelated posts).

So, any suggestions for a great (available) domain name?

I have a Fire Eagle invite code as a prize! I will decide on a winner tomorrow (Friday 7th at 6pm GMT).

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  1. might i recommend something that does what it says on the tin. Like “How To Build Green Data Centers”. or “Data Center Eco Issues”. something that is eminently searchable. You want to be THE place that people hit on Google when they search the subject. I would concentrate on ambient findability. Of course it might be one of your entries earns that kind of canonical status. You might also say something like grassroots or something – to distinguish from the major vendor piches on the subject.

  2. green.er – not sure how the registration process goes in Eritrea though 🙂

  3. carbonwatching

    All these are available

    carbonbuddies.com is taken by me, I am working on a web based system to see can I encourage people to reduce their travel footprint. At the moment I am trying to get the spec written as it is my final year project and it has been accepted into the Irish final of the imagine cup (a Microsoft sponsored competition) as well.

    Might contact you again in future as I might have quite a few environmental questions for you.

    I hope you find the suggestions above useful, keep up the good blogging.

  4. How about something like




    They’re available :>)

    Whatever it’s called, I look forward to it.

  5. Wow! Some great names there I’d never have thought of, thanks everyone who has suggested domains so far.

    Frank, re James’ suggestions, I think I’d prefer to go broader than just Green Data Centres (although that is the area I have most experience in).

  6. Great idea! What about:
    All the best with the project… Watching with interest!

  7. This is too much fun!


    is available, believe it or not.
    Or do they allow numbers – I forget.

  8. Hey,

    Well I just looked on godaddy for a name for you and found


    Good name for a green blog!

    Good luck from a free energy inventor!


  9. dahamsta: dig rochest.er – not impossible, but very very close 🙂

  10. Well polluting the stream isn’t very green for a start….
    How about “Tom Rafterys social conscience” or using you other blog as inspiration “ecopod leaders” although that might be a bit grim on reflection?


  11. Hi Tom,

    Is it green issues in general, or green technology you’re looking to cover, and will it have an Irish or international focus?

    The following suggestions are all available:

    greenireland.net .org or .info
    ecoblogireland.com .net .org
    enviroblogireland .com .net .org
    lowerfootprint.com .net .org
    treadmoresoftly.com .net .org

    There are probably heaps more… but that will hopefully give you some food for thought. Maybe you could get people to vote on it?

    Once you have it set up, if you’re looking for someone to write the occasional guest post give me a shout.



  12. Thanks to everyone for their fantastic suggestions.

    I had a really difficult time deciding on a domain from the wealth of ideas here but I eventually plumbed for Calvin’s suggestion of lowerfootprint.com

    It is more generic than James’ suggestions while still keeping some of his suggestions around using important words in the title for seo.

    Thanks everyone – an invite to Fire Eagle has been sent to Calvin.

  13. Hi Tom, saw this too late but wanted to give it a go – I thought “whatcarbonfootprint.com” or .net .eu .org .biz .info Or not!

  14. So off these are great some are funny , but make sure you register all the .com .net etc

  15. Why not consider the “Alternating Current” (.AC DOMAIN)

    Examples: greenwave.ac (can be a clearing house blog) and so on….

  16. I can offer Earthios.com $ Eartheos.com redirect if you’re willing to draw up a contract with my lawyer. You would have complete rights except for registrant, which will be private, for a 5 year minimum in exchange for small relevant advertising. I’m fair and flexible plus you wouldn’t have to pay anything for the domain name. Let me know your thoughts.


  17. Hi James

    How about GreenitOUT.com ?

    Seems it just about covers it all.

    Let me know I own it.

  18. i think they want big bucks but i know greenevolution.com is for sale..

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