Vista SP1 To cause more problems than it cures?

Microsoft have published a list of programs which it says will be broken by Vista SP1 according to a story on

The applications listed are not the only ones which will be broken it seems and Microsoft is advising anyone who encounters problems to:

first restart their PC and, if they still encounter problems, to install a newer version of the program or contact the software vendor

It is pretty amazing that SP1, which is supposed to be a ‘fix’, will likely cause as many problems as it solves.

I’d hate to be working in the call centre of a Vista software vendor the day after SP1 ships – all hands on deck, I reckon.

2 thoughts on “Vista SP1 To cause more problems than it cures?”

  1. Ufff, i have installed windows vista …. only during a few days.

    I don´t know how SP1 will be, but now i prefere windows xp. Because things like the performance.

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