Any questions for Jason Calacanis?

I’m interviewing Jason Calacanis later on today (Friday 22nd) for a PodLeaders podcast.

I will be talking to him about Weblogs Inc., the Tesla and Mahalo, amongst other things.

If you have any questions you’d like me to put to Jason, please leave them in the comments of this post.

10 thoughts on “Any questions for Jason Calacanis?”

  1. How well does he know Veronica Belmont (of Mahalo Daily)? How long does he reckon until she’s free of that Engadget guy and would she be willing to come live in Ireland? hrm … wait you’re interviewing who? Go interview Veronica instead! 😛

  2. Well Tom, I don’t really realize the consumer benefits of such Mahalo, just one network more in the jungle…Maybe it’s not obvious to me (and I just want ot learn more of it !), but this portal, is no more than contents/social/contacts aggregato ; what are developments of next steps and features on going ? Is there any partnership in goal, soon, with some actors of social networking ; if you can clear me with J. in this halflight, I must admit my “no advice” situation…
    Best Regards

  3. Hi Tom,

    Could you ask him please if he still thinks SEO is BS? I said the same recently on my blog and have been compared to Jason “who has his own agenda for coming out with such gibberish”.


  4. First question:

    “Hi, Jason. I’ve listened to your journey against fat, learning some things that might help me improve my heath. I wonder if you’ve noticed any significant changes in your mental state. Have you euphoric moments more frequently now? Are you less stressed out with mumblings of your name from across the Bay? Are you sleeping better?”

    Second question:

    “Why in the world desecrate a Corvette with canary yellow doodoo masquerading as paint?”

  5. How about a slightly off topic question.

    If Jason Calacanis had to pick just one album to bring with him anywhere (be it on his iPod / phone / media player of choice), what would it be and why?

    Always interested in what people listen to!

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