Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland

I received an email the other day from xCell Partners, a consultancy firm one of who’s stated aims is “to help bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Irish tech start-ups”.

They have put together an event that will be on in February, 27th & 29th, in Dublin and Belfast respectively which is all about Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland. Chris Gill, the President of the Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs (SVASE) will be hosting the various panel discussions, as well as other people from the various companies and associations.

According to Gareth Coen:

This is the first event of it’s kind in Ireland and we hope that it’ll help facilitate the growing number of Irish Web start-ups. The full details of the event as well as tickets can be found at

There is a special coupon code which gives a 20% discount for readers of this blog (“TOM”). The discount is available for the forst 10 readers who sign up with the code.

8 thoughts on “Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland”

  1. Sorry to hear that Eoghan as this sounds like a genuinely interesting event. I didn’t see the comments on James post before now.

    The email I received was personalised and I wouldn’t consider it spam but if they are spamming others that is unfortunate.

  2. To as an fyi, we haven’t been spamming anyone. We sent an email (singular) to those who we felt might be interested in our event. Apparently, one or two people received more than one email, but this was an accident and was definitely not in the majority.

    It’s going to be a great event, and based on much of the feedback received so far, one that needs to be encouraged in Ireland. I would suggest to anyone who feels any different, that they should come and attend and see for themselves.

  3. Hi Tom, I’d like to attend, do you know if there are any Open Coffee people attending?

    (The xCell Partners link above isn’t working)

  4. The schedule for the Irish Web Technology Conference is now fixed. 40 plus speakers (including himself who runs this blog;-) on VC / Angels finance, Early Stage Funding, Democons, business case studies, design, development, marketing, and even legal stuff.
    We’ve priced this event at under 190euro to make it as widely accessible to as many people for the full four days – students are in for 1/2 price.

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