Is the iPod Touch the ultimate Internet tablet?

I recorded a video on Seesmic yesterday on why I think the iPod Touch is a spectacular Internet Tablet. It has an amazing screen, great UI, and tiny form factor.

Seesmic now includes the ability to embed videos you record there, so rather than go over it again I thought I’d embed the video here. The quality of Seesmic videos is poor, sorry about that!

A lot of the functionality I’m referring to in the iPod Touch is new and was announced at MacWorld 2008 earlier this week.

22 thoughts on “Is the iPod Touch the ultimate Internet tablet?”

  1. I’m half thinking about getting an iPod Touch after the new application were release ealier this week. But I can’t believe you think the mapping functions in the iPod Touch is better than that of the Nokia N810. You must not have installed maemo-mapper, (, which is free, on your N810. I haven’t used the default mapping software with the N810, but with Maemo Mapper, you can download start points, end point and turn by turn routes in between, you can also download and cache all map titles between the start and end point so mapping still works while you are off-line. The N810 also has a built in GPS, (or in my case a bluetooth GPS) so you can track your progress along the route. I’m not trying to say that the N810 is better then the iPod Touch, they both have their pros and cons, size been one big difference, but the mapping functionality is much better in the N810! You can also purchase additional software from Nokia and turn your N810 into a fully functional SatNav with turn by turn voice instructions. Yes there is an extra cost to get this functionality (far too expensive if you ask me), but you had to pay Apple additional money to get the new applications for your iPod Touch didn’t you?

    Install maemo-mapper and give it a try. It’s *FREE* and also the most popular third part application for the Nokia Internet Tablet family.

  2. It is a fantastic little device, not just a music player as you say. Hopefully as technologies like WiMax roll out the iTouch will get better roaming capabilities.

  3. €17.99 is well worth it for the new applications it gives you, but the fact that the iPod touch is locked down so 3rd party software cannot be installed, means that owners are being ripped off in the long run.

    Imagine buying a Windows PC where the OS only allows installing MS approved software. I somehow can’t see MS getting away with it.

  4. @Dave – the Maemo Mapper doesn’t install on the N810 (err missing libgdbm3).

    @Conall – Apple are releasing the dev kit in Feb for 3rd party developers to write apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome after the release of the SDK, but I’m worried there will be restrictions on what we’ll be allowed put on the iPod..

    Hopefully it will all be fine, fair and Open..

  6. It’d be great to get full flash functionality and be able to use apps that use flash such as the googletalk gadget…

  7. Hello, I agree with the idea of this post. The iPod Touch has a great screen. The only the iPod needs is more software for thirds. A good offimatic packet would be fantastic.

  8. Hi Tom,

    Does the Ipod touch have good support for composing docs and emails? I am wondering how hard it is to write content using a touch screen?

    Can you get a wireless keyboard or attach a mini keyboard etc or is a keyboard not necessary.

    I don’t want to write essays but I do want to blog and write emails.



  9. @dave and Tom: in Google I was looking for an answer to: Maemo Mapper doesn’t install on the N810. I ended up here in this blog and I found the answer. Thanks

  10. Why on earth did you pay for that? Haven’t you tried Jailbreak?

    Apple can take a running jump if they think they can charge for apps that are free on the iphone and I *think* on new iPod Touches!

  11. Liam,

    Ii user it more for reading than writing. I imagine you would get tired if you were writing quite a lot on it but for short communications it is fine. I use it for Twitter regularly, for example and that is no prob.

  12. Hi ,this is Rishi from India. I need to know that wether data card can be used in the iphone for surfing..? Or By which facility email and gps is working with…?

  13. can internet be used in ipod touch.can i open other sites such as orkut,yahoo etc.

  14. I desperately want to buy the iPod Touch, but only if I can get an external keyboard. As it stands now, it would just be another “toy” for me. But with a keyboard… man, that would be perfect for meetings. I’m also working on writing a novel — how cool would it be to be able to whip out my Touch, unfold my keyboard, and rough out a chapter over a cup of coffee? Speaking of which… a streamlined version of Word would be good too.

    And Flash capabilities.

    And a native Mail app…


  15. love the ipod touch but i amwondering if boingo is real …can i get wifi anywhere i go…i am just upset that i cant get it where i work

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